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12 great Twitter Tips for successful blogging

Twitter has a fast paced nature which makes it the perfect support channel for your blog.

Here are a few tips on how to utilise the power of Twitter to enhance your blog.


Choose a descriptive Twitter handle and write a descriptive Twitter profile description
Have your Twitter handle the name of your blog. People are more likely to search for your blog title than your name. Write a descriptive profile too so people can quickly learn more about you.

Customise your profile
Customise your background, header, profile picture and link colour. Choose images and colours that match your blog branding and personal brand on other social media channels.

Follow and engage with other users
Follow and engage with other bloggers and brands that you love and write about. Share other bloggers posts, let them know you liked their content and start conversations.

Use Twitter Search for social listening
Use search to find out what bloggers and brands are talking about. Use search terms like: blogger, fashion blogger, fitness blogger, lifestyle blogger, healthy food blogger, fitness food blogger etc…. depending on your blog.s primary focus.

Post images and gifs
Posts with images do better than posts without images. Include images and size them correctly. Horizontal images look better on Twitter. Have fun with GIFs too now that they can be posted.

Utilise lists
According to Twitter, ‘A list is a group of Users’. Group brands and people into lists and subscribe to lists that interest you. For example, you might want a list for beauty bloggers, fashion bloggers and your favourite fashion brands.

Use hashtags
It is a great idea to have a dedicated hashtag for an event or company, but you should also use broad hashtags that you know will be popular or trending.

Maintain a consistent voice
Your voice on Twitter should be the same or similar to your voice on your blog. If you are friendly and humorous on your blog then be friendly and humorous on Twitter too. Be yourself as people like to connect with people.

Provide value
Provide value with almost every tweet that you write. It’s fine to tweet on a personal level but make sure that the majority of tweets you post provide value to the people who follow you.

Share relevant content that is not your own
Follow the 80/20 rule. 20% of what you share should be related to your brand and 80% should be engaging with other brands, influencers and Twitter users, or sharing content that is not your own.

Abide by the ‘Personal Ad’ test
When deciding what to share, use the ‘Personal Ad’ test. If you would be embarrassed for your post to be associated with you personally, then don’t post it.You are what you tweet, so tweet responsibly!

Schedule your tweets in advance
It is important to tweet during times that people are on Twitter. Buffer and Hootsuite allow you to schedule your tweets, as well as post your content through to other social media channels.

How do you manage Twitter and your other social media outposts? Please leave a comment and feel free to include your Twitter handle so we can follow you.

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