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5 Tips to help you build a successful brand for your Small Business

When you have a small business and you want to build and promote its brand, then planning ahead of time and getting a little creative when it comes to marketing and advertising will certainly help you stand out from the crowd.

Implementing a few marketing and branding tips for any small business can ultimately help you to take your success to an entirely new level.


Consider Your Audience
Building a small business brand requires the ability to hone in on a specific target demographic or audience you want to reach. Consider the gender, age and any location specifics of those you want to reach with your brand and why. The more details you have regarding the target demographic you are interested in, the easier it is to develop a working marketing campaign. Our top tip would be to concentrate on your immediate geographical location first. Become known and respected locally for your field of business and then this will help to expand outwards and reach areas slightly further afield.

Provide High-Quality Products and Services
Providing high-quality products and services is not only a way to generate revenue, but it also helps to build customer loyalty and to keep them coming back for more in the future.

Our good friend and UK’s No.1 best selling small business marketing author, Dee Blick, quoted ‘Better to deliver good customer service all of the time than fantastic service some of the time. Consistency builds brands‘,  in her latest book, ‘The 15 Essential Marketing Masterclasses for your small business‘ and we simply couldn’t agree more!

Promotional Products
Using branded promotional items is one way to help quickly boost a brand’s recognition regardless of the types of products or services you have to offer. These promotional products can be imprinted with your company’s logo and contact details so every time they are used by current and potential customers, you gain marketing exposure. Promotional products range from customised pens, stationery, note pads, bags, drinks coasters, keyrings and clothing, including sweatshirts, t-shirts and caps. You can use promotional products during giveaways and contests or when you are attending a Business Exhibition, Tradeshow or conference.

Company Website
Having a professionally designed company website is another way to boost your company’s visibility and quite simply is a must! Having an official website for your small business allows you to showcase the products and services you have available to an expanded audience. When you have an official website, it is possible to reach millions of users rather than being limited or restricted to only reaching those who are located in the same region as you. Websites also give you the chance to expand your brand internationally, making it even more memorable for those who are browsing to shop online.

Implement Social Media Marketing Into Your Business Model
In plain English, customers now expect this! If you’re not embracing social media or updating it regularly then you can create a competitive disadvantage for your company. Social media allows you to connect with your audience in a more personable manner. It allows you to monitor your brands reputation, share knowledge and advice in real time and promote your business as the experts in your field. This helps foster trust and so people will actually start turning to you for advice.

So what social media channels should you embrace? In short we would advise having business pages set up and active on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+. There are many widgets and plugins available that allow for a seamless integration between each social media platform so you don’t have to manually post to each. This will certainly help you to save time whilst keeping your brand message consistent across your social media activities.


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