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Brochure Design Services from BlueFlameDesign

Promote your business, services and products with a new eye catching, attention grabbing corporate brochure design or keep your clients up-to-date with an informative company newsletter.

Brochures are used by businesses of all sizes to engage new and existing customers. They are a tangible piece of marketing literature that communicates important information about a company’s products or services, and can be referred to time and time again.

Whilst the information within a company brochure is normally the same as published on the company’s web site, a brochure should be designed, developed and produced to keep your business brand’s offline and online exposure to a maximum. Company brochures are less likely to be skimmed over than the information displayed on a computer screen. Meaning that more information will be absorbed and the reader will become more engaged with the brochure’s content.

Small businesses can benefit greatly from having a professional, company brochure design in many ways; they help to create a professional and reliable image for your business, and will set your company apart from your less than dedicated competitors. A business brochure will make your company appear larger, enabling you to compete with bigger companies for clients and sales. Business brochures also help you to grow your company by attracting new clients and encouraging repeat business from existing ones.

A well designed and printed company brochure communicates many qualities about your company, such as reliability and stability, along with building a feeling of trust. Executed correctly, your company brochure will be used to inform, excite, entice and persuade it’s reader as well as promoting your company and the products or services you offer. Printed product images give a much better sense of product quality which can increase the likelihood of a sale, and your brochure can be sent out to actively engage a customer acting as a permanent reminder to your business.

Business brochures are an excellent aid to ‘word of mouth’ situations. They are a constant source of reference that can be posted out as part of a marketing campaign to re-enforce your message or presented at meetings, trade fairs and networking events. They can also be converted in to PDF files for you to email through to your clients or have them as interactive PDF files on your company website.

Larger companies tend to have business brochures printed to make their customers aware of the range of services or products they have to offer. Business brochures lend weight to a company’s credibility as they emulate the quality of service or product offered, helping to build brand values. They are often used to showcase previous installations, display case studies, give examples and present testimonials.

A business brochure can strengthen your company’s position in a quotation and tender application by supporting your sales staff, giving them a point of reference throughout a sales presentation.

Corporate Brochure Design from BlueFlameDesign in West Sussex

Brochure design is plentiful in today’s business world; marketing brochures, corporate brochures, service brochures, product brochures, company information brochures – the list is endless!

BlueFlameDesign understand that every budget is different and that every business has differing requirements for their brochure design. From a simple, folded pamphlet design through to a more corporate looking A4 brochure or a company folder with a series of branded marketing inserts . We have the experience and capability required to create eye-catching brochure designs, press ready artwork and high-quality print that every business requires to get itself established and recognised.

Contact us today and discuss your next brochure design and print marketing project. We’re ready to listen and help build a stronger brand for your business.


Promote your business with an eye-catching brochure design

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