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Your logo design is important to your branding strategy

A successful logo design is the principal part of a company’s branding strategy by being the name, symbol, monogram, emblem, trademark, icon or any other graphic representation designed to provide consumers with instant brand recognition.

A good logo design is the most remarkable element of a business branding strategy as it establishes and promotes a successful brand name, while representing a company’s usability and trust as a brand.

Successful brands are typically built on the company’s attributes, benefits, values and personality. Therefore, their logo designs are always clearly differentiated from rival brands. A distinctive logo design guarantees that a firm stands out of the crowd by having a unique concept supported by a strong communications program. Successful logo designs guarantee that a business is not perceived as unimaginative or mistakenly thought for a rival company. Successful logo designs represent the organisational culture of a company and they convey a warranty of quality to the target audience.

The benefits associated to the use of a successful logo design primarily includes the establishment of a competitive edge. Strong brands help a company maintain market share within a changing competitive environment, which, in turn, is associated with above-average profits. In addition, a distinctive, instantly recognisable logo design offers the business the opportunity to capitalise on familiarity when introducing new products or services that carry the same name. In this context, successful logos bring instant recognition to a company. So, if a business does not have a quality and effective logo design, it misses something that would provide them with a greater advantage to its business operations.

Typically, successful logo designs are clear, short, simple, easily memorable, recognisable and easy to spell, read and pronounce in all languages. Consumers should be able to read the logo and to realise what is suggests so that it can successfully stimulate their interest in the company/business and its offerings. In that sense, successful logo designs depict the organisational goals and values, while suggesting the product or service benefits.

Successful logo designs mirror professionalism and growth even if a venture is small. In addition, they are adaptable to packaging and labelling needs or to any advertising medium and they include the minimum information required in order to avoid having a negative impact on consumer perceptions about a firm.

Finally, they never appear to go out of date and they are legally available for use.

Above all, an innovative logo design is used as a brand identifier for a company. Confident branding uses a logo to convey the message of a company’s positioning aiming to attract the target audience. Using a distinctive logo design facilitates promotional efforts, enables the company to charge a premium, and helps fostering brand loyalty.

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